About Justin Hughey, Candidate for Hawaii State House of Representatives – District 8

A young Justin prepares to educate and legislate!

I am a common man with a desire to improve the educational system of our district, our island and our state.  I have been preparing for this role in education and government all my life though I may not have been conscious of it at times.  Today, after years of working in special education and actively participating in politics, I am raising my personal bar to do the things I have hoped others would do – improve the educational system to one that produces critical thinkers, entrepreneurs and even better teachers.

Please join us, wherever you are, and support our efforts to bring a focus to education in our state, raise us from the bottom of the nation’s educational heap by putting a teacher in the house of representatives.  A teacher, finally a teacher, to help move Hawaii beyond the doldrums of mediocre education into a leadership role in the nation.

Justin addresses National Educators Association with new legislation

Read more about Justin Hughey and his campaign to “Put a Teacher in the House” at “www.putateacherinthehouse.com”.


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